Finance trip 2016

Between 19-20th April the Financial Management Team of HHUS will arrange a trip to Stockholm to promote Umeå University and to meet future potential employers in the finance industry. Whether your goal is to work within finance or you’re interested in getting to know more about finance in general, this is a great chance to meet some of the biggest players in the Swedish finance industry! You will be given the opportunity to get to know as well as to network with the companies. Our goal is that you will get an even better idea about what your future career might look like.

For now, these are the companies we will visit, and there are more coming up!
Dagens Industri
Lannebo Fonder
Skagen Fonder
CMC Markets
Alongside with the Financial Management Team, five lucky members will be given the chance to join the finance trip 2016. If you’re interested, send in your application to

Your application should contain a short text about who you are and the reason why you should go on the trip.

–        Deadline: Sunday 3th April

The trip and accommodation will be subsidized with 1000 SEK/person by HHUS