Graduation 2016

Every year we celebrate our graduating students with a ceremony and dinner, and this year is no different!

This years graduation is going take place on the 3rd of June. USBE is going to celebrate all graduating students with a ceremony at Aula Nordica and HHUS will continue the night with a graduation banquet at Universum.


Cermony 16:30

Banquet 19:00

Ticket sales will open week 15, and we would like to remind you that there is going to be two different registrations, so therefore there will be two separate registration forms:

Ceremony: Link to USBE

 Banquet: Link to registration

More info about where you can by the tickets will arrive soon, so keep yourself updated on this page.

We have gotten questions about how many guests you are allowed to bring and just to inform you, for the:

Ceremony: You are allowed to bring 3 guests per graduating student

Banquet: You are allowed to bring 5-6 people per graduating student.

If you want more information about the ceremony you can read about it here:

So for all you graduating student of 2016 please save the date and we look forward to meeting you on the 3rd!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us: (concerning the banquet)

or (concerning the ceremony)

More information is coming up!