Happy new (association) year!

The Board is elected by its members and promises things on their candidacy to work on during the year. In the true spirit of an association where the members are the foundation, the Board of 2017 wants to share HOW they have worked with their goals during the year. We also want to wish the board of 2018 a fun engagement in (or with) HHUS (because being on the board is basically like being married to HHUS)!

Pleasent reading, and a happy new year!

Goals of the board 2017


  • HHUS as a whole has introduced new association Sweaters, not only for active members but for all members in HHUS. We’ve also invested in fabric bags and Notepads (coming soon) with HHUS logo on.
  • We’ve been representing at external events like Universitetsfejden in Uppsala (football tournament), a Business event hosted by Deloitte in Stockholm and balls hosted by our friends from U9.
  • The songbooks are from now on something every member has the possibility to own and therefore also something you can bring home after you graduate as a lovely memory. It was included in this year’s Rookie packet, and will later be for sale for all members.


  • International pub crawl and several EPPs have been hosted in English, example with Rob Britton and the Harry Potter Quiz.
  • One article in Ekbladet have been in English, WE WANT MORE!
  • The project group for both the Board Election and Unbreakable contained international students.


  • The upgrade of our office and lounge is to create a creative a social environment for our members.
  • We’ve had events together with ResqueClub and Blueberry for the first time. And we’ve created a closer collaboration with Zoega so you can enjoy coffee at our Business events and sometimes in the lounge.
  • Julbrunchen is a new event hosted by our Social Committee and Speak up Days is a new event hosted by our Education Committee.
  • We’ve also introduced an Award for engaged students, no matter what you do for our association.
  • The E-pub has together with Bryggverket developed an E-pub beer that will be for sales in the beginning of 2018.

Greater engagement

  • We’ve had many more candidates for the board positions this year!
  • We’ve advertised how to find Board meeting protocols on our Web page.
  • We’ve handed out two different polls, on about what you like and dislike with HHUS and one about student health.
  • It has always been some way to engage, projects, the E-pub and mästeristposter.
  • The events at the E-pub have been popular throughout the year, HHUS events have had some variation in attendance though.
  • Lastly of all, it was so fun seeing so many of you in the lecture hall for the engagement lecture! We had to sit in the stairs because there wasn’t enough seats for all of us!

Individual goals of 2017

President, Jenny Uneby

1. Create a crisis plan
A crisis plan has been created and approved during the fiscal year of 2017. I have been getting some help from the other associations and unions within the U9 network, as well as the scout’s crisis plan guide. I believe and hope that the crisis plan will give help and guidance to coming boards and engaged members.

2. Create value documents
A value documents have not been created. This is due to a number of different tasks and projects that have been taking time away from this specific task. However, we have during the year created an operational plan where the management words in some ways have filled the same function as a value document. These management words have given us a common compass to use when we have been fronted with difficult tasks and decisions, they have also contributed to creating common norms and values.

3. Collect all HHUS policies in one place
The steering documents and policies that are being used by the association have been gathered in a map within the common drive that is being shared by the board and committees. My hope is that this map will be revised at the same pace that the association’s policies and steering documents alter.

4. Improve what the members think about HHUS
During the year we have been working to make HHUS a fun, including and developing association. I believe that this has contributed to better the members’ views on HHUS. During this year’s engagement lecture the lecture hall was filled to the last spot, and to the board election, the number of applicants had increased by 100% from the previous election period. This indicates that the members’ view of HHUS has been improved. A final answer to this question is expected to come when the board of 2018 presents the results of this springs member poll.

Vice President, Philippa Horwitz

1. Upgrade the HHUS lounge and office
Completed with great results and focus to create a more relaxed and welcoming place for our members. The new lounge and office opened with a big event in December, and has since had a great number of visitors.

2. Create start-up plan for Draknästet
Not completed. A discussion point was brought up on a board meeting with great response. But other, more urgent matters has gotten in between. If the board of 2018 want to continue with this project all they need to do is send in a point of decision.

Board Advisor, Adam Dahrén

1. Establish an award for engaged members, to show the appreciation of HHUS

  • Finished: December -17
  • An appreciated project both among engaged people, Umeå Student Union and Umeå School of Business and Economics.
  • The hope was to get more nominations, but I think that this will be done the second year when people know what it’s about.

2. Establish a trip for the workers at E-puben, to increase the incentives to work at E-puben

  • Finished: Denied
  • Another incentive, the VIP queue, was introduced and needs to be evaluated before making a decision whether or not to establish a trip.

3. Remove the obstacle of not being able to allow a budget to make a negative result
Together with the Head of Economy, the financial regulatory documents have been updated. The roads between people arranging events and the board will now be shorter, and it will be easier to get membership value in our events.

Head of Business, Philip Dahlqvist-Sjöberg

1. Develop a template for evaluating monetary cooperation versus non-monetary
In late March we created a guideline for handling monetary versus non-monetary collaborations with businesses. This has been used since that date and has been a great guidance for our entire organisation in our mindset towards member utility.

2. Develop Uniaden, gain more insight in the project.
During this year HHUS has put a lot of pressure on Uniaden to provide a deeper engagement from the owner organizations and therefore have more insight in the proces. HHUS has during this period made a clear guidance for Uniaden on how the view on perks and goals of the project is.

3. Internationalize cooperation with working life.
Making our business related events international has its clear obstacles. But a clear push has been made towards partners to provide this service in a near future.

4. Widen the industry specialization with the cooperation we have.
The guidance for handling monetary and non-monetary collaborations has been strongly influenced by our goal to widen the industry specialization with whom we collaborate with. This has resulted in events that differs from previous events. Lots has been in the bank/investor industry, but also in management, environmental, exchange studies along with many other.

Head of Economics, Mathilda Gammelgård

1. Update the financial regulation
Together with the junior controller, I looked at the current rules and compared them to current working methods. After some changes, more suitable for HHUS today, I presented the new financial regulations to the board in December and it was accepted. I therefore determined this goal as achieved.

2. Establish agreements with the Consultant Group
I started the work by taking it to a discussion point to the board, then the Consultant Coordinator and I started working on the agreements. Today we have an outcast of the agreements but nothing is yet signed. I therefore believe the goal as started but not completed.

3. Review investment opportunities and funds
First I wrote a discussion point to the board, after that we were three people in the board who came up with a decision point. The decision point was accepted in November and therefore I find the goal as achieved.

4. Create a better financial monitoring system for HHUS
This is something I have worked with, together with my committee and the board, all through the year. It is a complicated process and trough the year I have tried new ways to present the economy for the board in the economy rapport and along with establishment for the term budget, we started using the budget document that shows a following up of last period. I therefore believe the goal as started but not completed.

Head of Education, Menal Suliman

1. Promote/market the committee
As it said in the operational plan it can be a long process to market the committee since many people have a twisted picture of education. It doesn’t sound as fun as the social or the economy committee but it is one of HHUS most important committees. I think we’ve promoted the committee more this year by for the first time ever host a full house EPP. We sent two representatives from the committee to the introduction of SM i ekonomi and also the finale. We’ve been more transparent in what we do, we’ve used snapchat more and been more visible on campus. The result of this is i.a that we had three (!) candidates for head of education in the board election. We also had more people than usual who applied for the committee!

2. Organize the event “speak up days”
This is an event that other big business schools in Sweden do. I got the inspiration to this at one of the U9 conferences in Gothenburg. This goal was achieved recently when I constructed a survey regarding student health together with representatives from USBE. The report from the survey is yet to be done.

3. Maintain a student rights document
This has not been done yet but my ambition is to do it during the holidays. If it’s not possible I will hand it over to my successor since I believe it’s important!

4. Create a system for feedback that we receive
This has also been done together with the vice head of education, with the help of representatives from USBE. This system will be implemented in 2018.

Head of E-pub, Jessica Hägglund

1. Plan for the E-Pub’s future.
My first goal of the year was to get more knowledge about the future of E-pub with the planned rebuilding of the Universum house. The president of HHUS and I have had meetings with Akademiska Hus about how the future of E-pub looks like. The plans right now is that the E-pub will continue to be at the same spot as it is currently at, that our contract will be renewed, and that we will be contacted and asked to participate in a planning group before the rebuilding.

2. Make a system to more easily get people to work at the pub
My second was to make it easier for people to work at the E-pub. We have made a VIP-queue with a VIP-policy, set up a link on E-pub’s facebook during the Inspark where people could sign up to work, made a new facebook group with E-pub staff.

3. Upgrade some of the routines
The third goal was to upgrade some of the routines. The opening and closing cleaning routines have been upgraded. Cleaning routines to put up on the walls are done, they are just going to enclose them in plastic and set them up on the walls. I have also made a routine sheet for evening managers to make it easier to get into the role.

4. Creating a better queueing system
The last goal was to create a better queueing system. We have bought new, more stable, force barriers and have tried to find the best way to set these up. Have had multiple meetings with our hired security to find the best way to tackle the problem. Written a document on how to place the crush barriers in the best way that we’ve found.

Head of Marketing, Moa Grundström

1. Develop the marketing structure
Regarding developing a greater structure for our marketing channels I would not state that this goal have been fulfilled. Looking back at my predecessors I can see that this is something they all been striving towards and therefore a greater challenge than I expected.

I have however had two workshops with my committee regarding all our brands and medias, one workshop with a consultant regarding social media strategy and a formal discussion with the  board that have laid a foundation of  the usage of the marketing Channels. I have also collected statistics from our channels and observed statistics from Internet och Svenskarna to support the document. Lastly I have looked back on what documentation my preoceedurs have left to take their opinions in mind. I will keep on working on the compilation and hand over to our new Head of Marketing, Samira Abdi.

2. Personal development in the committee
The vice head of the Marketing Committee have held Performance reviews with the Committee and the entire committee have given each other spontaneous feedback on each others’ work. I have had wished we’d done this more continuously though. Most of the active work we have made throughout the year have been through the lunch meetings. We have changed the structure throughout the year trying out sharing News and Inspiration from the marketing Branch, watching commercials, exchanged practical knowledges like Photography, Video editing, Photoshop and watched funny videos just to get the motivation going. I would say we’ve reached the goal, but not in the way I imagined.

3. Including marketing content
We’ve discussed the matter in the committee. It is important that everyone feels welcomed in HHUS ant at the E-pub. We’ve therefore tried to portrayed different people in our marketing content. This have been hard since it’s usually difficult to find someone who’s willing to be the motive of a picture. I can not say if we’ve reached this goal this year or not. 

Head of Social, Fredrik Berggren

1. Give more responsibility towards the committee in order to increase the motivation by giving them ownership of their work
The task has been completed by many social interakting happenings for the members of the committee. This has lead to more motivated mästerister that have been working closer with the core of the committee. 

2. Evaluate the events that we have today in order to get further information of what we should change & improve
A simple but useful analysis with the vice head of the social committee has made it more clear to us what our members appreciate. Further we showed the results to key people among the committee that now have changed some events for the better.

3. Examine the perks among the association and create a sustainable plan.
This was completed by the policy which now is available for everyone and will help future decisions.