Happy new year!

Now it’s soon time for a new year, filled with new opportunities. During 2017 HHUS have been a part of, and a source of, laughter, new friends, and growth. Together we have welcomed new students, danced at our beloved E-pub and gained new perspectives through our partners and friends in the business world.

HHUS is an association built by its members, for its members – and what we have managed to build together is truly fantastic. Soon it’s time for this year’s board and members of the different committees to step down and hand over responsibility to other excited members full of new ideas. We wish them the best luck and hope that their journey will be just as fantastic as ours. During this year the engaged members have tried their very best to maintain a fun, including and evolving association that continues to give back to its members. I really hope that all of you feel like we have succeeded in our mission.

With these words, I would like to wish all of our current and former members, partners and all others who have joined us on our journey this year a merry Christmas and a fantastic new years.

Yours truly,
Jenny Uneby
President of 2017