HHUS 2018

It’s official!!! The new board of HHUS 2018 have joined forces and filled the positions in each committee for next year. Down below you can see who will take over and try to make next year the best year.

President – My Persson
Vice President – 
Ellen Romney
Board Advisor – 
Artur Söderlund

Economy Committee: 
Head of Economy – Joakim Pinto
Vice Head of Economy 
– Isabelle Eriksson
Junior Controller – Alice Jedborn
Junior Controller of the E-pub – Marika Larsson
Head of Finance – Stefan Svedberg
Head of Consultant group – Linus Sjögren

Education Committee:
Head of Education – Rasmus Clausson
Vice Head of Education – 
Amanda Grandin
Education Monitor SM – 
Amelia Thylander
Education Monitor HLP – 
Julia Edqvist
Education Monitor IBP –
 Maria Eriksson
Education Monitor CEP – 
Carolina Blomqvist

Pub Committee:
Head of E-pub – Amanda Karlberg
Vice Head of E-pub – 
Patric Beijer
Event Manager – 
Michaela Alenbrand
Event Manager – Anton Leif
Event Manager – Linnéa Enbom
Food Manager – 
Ramiar Jabar Hadr
Beverage Manager – 
Oskar Hansson 
Interial Design – 
David Lundgren
DJ Manager – 
Oskar Heljeberg
Booking Manager – 
Frederik Lund Petersen
Economy Manager –
 Maja Bjuggstam

Business Committee:
Head of Business – Ville Ledje
Vice Head of Business – 
Erik Dunbäck Pekkari
Project Coordinator –
 Mathilda Axelsson
Sales Coordinator – Millie Karphammar
Company Coordinator – 
Anna Henriksson

Marketing Committee:
Head of Marketing – Samira Abdi
Vice Head of Marketing – 
Fanny Westerlund
Ekbladet Editor in chief – 
Suppis Chatphutsa
Ekbladet Managing Editor – 
Emilia Norrbacka
Webbmaster – 
Anna Milton
Art Director – 
Elin Modig
Communicator for the Social Committee – 
Matheos Zemhret
Communicator for the Business Committee – 
Linnea Hinz
Communicator for the E-pub – Annie Skogman

Social Committee:
Head of Social – Caroline Bengtsson
Vice Head of Social – 
Josefin Fagerlund
Master of Ceremonies – 
Linn Regfeldt
Master of Event  – 
Filip Dyrelöv
Master of Sports – 
Lina Wikberg
Master of Spex – 
Linda Åkerfeldt
Head General –
 Therese Melander