The winners of HHUS Award 2017

The first edition of the ‘HHUS Award’ is now completed, and we have two fantastic winners that has done an amazing job for our beloved association!
The winners were chosen by Umeå Student Union, and by the principal at USBE, Sofia Lundberg. HHUS wants to congratulate and thank the two winners, for everything they’ve done for the association. The winners each get a check, and a nice diploma signed by the President of HHUS, the President of Umeå Student Union, and the Principal at USBE.

Sanna Lindberg: In a structured and organized way, Sanna made everyone involved in our biggest project, “Insparken”, work together for the best Insparken so far. To be able to bring this out, it takes great engagement, commitment and coordination. As Huvudgeneral, you also need to think about the values of the organization, students, partners and the values of USBE. She’s done this in a professional way!

Mathilda Gammelgård: She has always put the work for the association in first hand. Even in hard times, her commitment never struggled. She’s made sure that the board always made good financial decisions towards our members. She’s also been a good leader, as well as a source of inspiration to others. People underneath her has chosen to continue their engagement, which is the foundation of this association.

The best of luck to both of you, and thank you for your extraordinary engagement in HHUS!