HHUS Committees 2017

The board and the rest of HHUS committees of 2017 are now set. Down below you will find each post and the person who will hold the position during the coming year!


President – Jenny Uneby
Vice President – Philippa Horwitz
Board Advisor – Erik Vänstedt


Head of Economy – Mathilda Gammelgård
Vice Head of Economy 
– Ellen Romney
Junior Controller – Pontus Lyngsten
Junior Controller of the E-pub – Albin Mikko
Head of Finance – Julia Bohner
Head of Consultant group – Joakim Pinto

Education Committee:

Head of Education – Menal Suliman
Vice Head of Education –
Josefin Fagerlund
Education Monitor SM –
Anna Henriksson
Education Monitor HLP –
Josefin Wikström
Education Monitor IBP –
Eva Mörtsell
Education Monitor CEP – 
Linn Hasselgren

Pub Committee:

Head of E-pub – Jessica Hägglund
Vice Head of E-pub –
Filip Mattsson
Event Managers –
Denise Bröste, Eric Westergren, Sandra Carlsson
Food Manager – Artur Söderlund
Beverage Manager –
Jakub Piekarski
JF Managers – Victor Appelqvist, Niklas Jonsson
Interial Design – William Isaksson
DJ Manager – Rasmus Clausson
Booking Manager –
Jimmy Brauer
Economy Manager – Frida Tollqvist
IE –
Henrik Rosén

Business Committee:

Head of Business – Philip Sjöberg
Vice Head of Business –
Emma Klingvall
Project Coordinator – Oskar Andersson
Sales Coordinator – Alicia Sjöberg
Company Coordinator –
Ville Ledje

Marketing Committee:

Head of Marketing – Moa Grundström
Vice Head of Marketing –
Samira Abdi
Ekbladet Editor in chief –
My Persson
Ekbladet Managing Editor –
Fanny Westerlund
Webbmaster –
Linnéa Axling
Art Director –
Simon Von Pongracz
Communicator for the E-pub –
Linn Gaddefors
Communicator for the Social Committee –
Amanda Persson
Communicator for the Business Committee –
Cornelia Larker

Social Committee:

Head of Social – Fredrik Berggren
Vice Head of Social –
Victor Bäckström
Master of Ceremonies –
Paulina Kristiansson
Event Coordinator –
Josefine Juto
Master of Sports –
Lovisa König
Master of Spex –
Hanna Malm
Head General –
Sanna Lindberg