Insparken 2016 – Become a fadder

Hello all you fabulous Faddrar!

For you who missed (the amazing) Fadderföreläsningen where we released this year’s theme FAIRY TALES! Here comes some information on how you create your faddergroup:

Send your application to: with the information below:

• Name, class, term and phone number of all the members
• Name your superfadder, who will be the “leader” of your group, and we need all contact details for this person (including email)
• Send in your top five suggestions on what you guys want to dress up as (Be creative now guys)
• You have to be at least 6 people in your faddergroup and maximum approximately 10 people
• The group has to contain at least 2 girls and 2 guys

Don’t forget that the deadline for sending in your application is on the 16th of May, and we hope you’re as excited as we are because this will be the most enchanting Inspark you will ever have seen!

The Generals