Join team E-pub!

There are still four positions left to fill in the pub committee. Visit the ‘Committees’-page or read down below to find more information about the four open evening manager positions in the committee.

Evening managers, also known as KC, together with the head and Vice runs the whole business and makes sure that we can keep having awesome events at the E-pub. The evening managers have the operative responsibility under assigned opening hours, meaning they manage their own crew, which they run the pub together with during certain events. During these events, they ensure that serving regulations are being followed, along with being responsible for the liquor license.


1. Event manager
The event managers are the ones who plan all the EPP’s and nightclubs at the E-Pub. These people brainstorm and contribute to making the pub the most
amazing place to hang out at, not only on campus, but the entire town! They also have a close cooperation with the HHUS marketing committee that helps getting the word out about all the fun that is happening at the pub.

2. Interior Design
The responsibility of the interior designer is to make sure the interior of the pub always looks and works its best before the doors open. If you are a creative person that wants to make our beloved E-Pub look as good as possible, and also be an evening manager, this is the position for you.

3. Beverage Manager
As the beverage manager at the E-Pub, the task is to order alcohol and other beverages every week to make sure there is enough for the events.
Additionally, it is the beverage manager’s task to make sure there are glasses, bar equipment, working refrigerators, dispensing systems and everything else
that has to do with the serving of beverage. The beverage manager also compiles the drink menu. Lastly, the beverage manager is in contact with E-pub’s suppliers such as Martin & Servera, Carlsberg and Bryggverket, via their salesman.

Don’t miss this chance; send an email to to get an interview with the Head and Vice Head of the E-pub!