Ladies & Gents

After last years success we are more than proud to present Ladies & Gents 2016. The 23th of April economic, IE and Law students will get together at Lokal during two separate dinners and an amazing party afterwards, that’s tough to describe with words.
The theme for the event is police and robbers/prisoners, the gents should be dressed as prisoners and the ladies as police. So make sure to bring out the bad side of you if you’re a gentleman. If you’re a lady, bring the truncheon and be clear with the orders.
During the night there will be served a two-course dinner and you will get a drink ticket. During the day two separate pre-parties will be held for each gender. This will be a great opportunity for getting to know everyone attending and besides that, there will be loads of fun activities. Of course these pre-parties is involved in the price.
Tickets sales will be held at Tornet next to the microwaves the 6th and 7th of April. There will be no tickets held for any program so make sure to be there in time!
Date: April 23th
Place: Lokal
Ticket sales: 6th – 7th April at Tornet
Theme: Robbers/ prisoners (Gents) & Police (Ladies)
Let us have a great time!