Project group sweatshirt

HHUS has this year introduced the work of selling sweatshirts to our members. The project has just started and the first specimen of sweatshirts has arrived. Therefore the association needs your help to distribute these clothes. As a member of the project group will you and your team work with the startup of selling the sweatshirts. This task includes strategy planning, marketing, find a solution of selling & distribution. If this is done well, this could be the start of a larger project which is creating a HHUS shop.

  • Are you comfortable with making decisions?
  • Do you like to plan and organize?
  • Are you good at communication?
  • Are you good at creating a “hype” for an event?
  • Are you capable of use your marketing skills?

If this is you, don’t hesitate to send your application. You will share the responsibility to be in charge of this HHUS newest project!
To apply for the available positions (4-6 people), please send an email to Write “Project group sweatshirt” + your name” as the subject.

In your application please write following:

  • Name
  • Class, age, email and your phone number
  • A short presentation about yourself and what you can bring to the project.

For more information please contact:

Last day to apply: 21th of