Recruitment of Generals for Insparken 2018!

Are you creative, outgoing and love meeting new people? Then this is the project group for you!

Our new Head of Generals, Therese, is now looking for her future generals wanting to make the upcoming Inspark 2018 to their own version of EPIC! As a general you would arrange and plan all the fun activities during the Inspark with the Head General and also be a part of the social committee. You would help prepare all the activities and parties for the rookies and faddrar as well as plan the theme for the Inspark, this is also a great opportunity to come up with your own ideas and make new traditions. The generals are first and foremost the project group for Insparken, meaning: they plan, organize and lead this wonderful event. Being a general is one of the most fun positions in HHUS and best of all; you get to be a part of the biggest event of the year!


  • Purchasing manager
  • Sponsoring manager
  • Event managers, two positions available here
  • Logistics and booking manager
  • Communication and media manager

To apply for the available positions, please send an email to Write “General + your name” as the subject. In your application please write:

  • Your name, class, age and contact information
  • A short presentation about yourself
  • What you want to learn and/or contribute with
  • Why you are interested of being a General
  • Which position you would prefer taking on

Last day to apply: 14th of February
New date! Last day to apply is 16th of February!

For more information please contact