Recruitment for the project Unbreakable!

Are you the toughest of the toughest, are you Unbreakable?! Last spring’s Unbreakable was a success and we are now recruiting for this year’s project group.

Are you willing to take on the challenge to make 2017’s version even better? If you are interested in arranging events, sports, sales, marketing etc – I truly recommend you to apply. This is quite a new project so we welcome creative ideas!

About the event:

Unbreakable is mainly an obstacle race for students. It is conceived at HHUS but is open for everybody at Umeå University. The goal of Unbreakable is to inspire students to meet, network and live a healthier life. The race is meant to be a fun challenge for everybody, irregardless of experience level.

As a part of the project group you will have the opportunity to cooperate in a fun group of students, take on exciting challenges and partake in shaping Unbreakable. It’s also an excellent chance to strengthen your CV with something unique!

So what are you waiting for? Apply today! 

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We are recruiting:

• Marketer:
– Create ideas and media for posts on social media. Experience with photo and video software (Photoshop, iMovie etc.) is a plus, but not a requirement.

• Communicator:
– Meet students and share information about Unbreakable (booth in Lindellhallen, lecture presentations, give out flyers etc.)

• Training leader
– Lead a weekly workout for students in preparation of Unbreakable.

• Race-chief
– Responsible for race track and obstacles, coordinate for volunteers on race day.

• Social organizer (2 people)
– Plan EPP and sittning

• Track-designer
– Design the track and create exciting obstacles.

• Company coordinator
– Responsible for cooperation with companies and sponsors.

• Company and sponsor contact (2 people)
– Contact and set up collaborations with companies and sponsors.

Your application should contain:
-  Your name, class and contact information.
-  A short presentation about youself.
-  What you want to learn and/or contribute with.
-  If you are interested in any particularly position.

Write “Unbreakable” in the mail subject line and send you application too

If you have any questions please contact

This project will extends to 13th May
Last day to apply is 12th February!! The application is closed.