The social committee is looking for an “Eventmästare”

Eventmästeriet arrange events! What kind of events?  Well, events that aren’t ”sittningar” or sports (since someone else is taking care of that). There’s plenty of room for own ideas and creativity within Eventmästeriet! That means we do the things we think is missning at the campus.

For example, last year we started with something we would love to call a new tradition! We’re talkning about the bikeparty ”Cykelfesten” which was incredibly appreciated! We also arrange Troubadour Nights a few times per semester and next event is going to be a whole night spent at E-puben, but instead of drinks and dancemoves this night will include food and cooking skills!

This position is a part of ”Ledningen” 2017 which means that you have little more responsibility than a position as ”Mästerist”. This position is also a part of the Social committee.

For more information visit our website at following link:

– Are you comfortable with making decisions?
– Do you like to plan and organize?
– Do you like being creative?
– Are you good at creating a “hype” for an event?

If this is you, don’t hesitate to send your application. You will have the responsibility to be in charge of some of HHUS most amazing events!

To apply for the available positions, please send an email to Write “Eventmästare + your name” as the subject.
In your application please include:
  • Name
  • Class, age, email and your phone number.
  • A short presentation about yourself and what you can bring to the position.

Last day to apply: 27th February The position have been filled!
1 position for whole 2017

For more information please contact: