The social committee are now recruiting new mästerister!

The social committee are working to make sure that your time in Umeå gets as fun as possible. We do this through various ways by arranging ceremonies, sport events, musical activities, spex to ceremonies and last but not least the biggest event of the year: The HHUS Inspark!

The social committee has five different masteries;

  • Mastery of ceremonies
  • Mastery of events
  • Mastery of sports
  • Mastery of spex
  • The generals

We are now looking for;

  • Mastery of sports: One floorball korpen mästerist
    As a floorball korpen mästerist you will be in charge of the floorball korpen. 
  • Mastery of events: Two event mästerister
    As a event mästerist you will work side by side with the master of events and together you will create event like bicycle party, pre-party marathon, troubadour nights and so on 
  • Mastery of ceremonies: One ceremony mästerist
    As a ceremony mästerist you will work side by side with the master of ceremonies and together you will arrange amazing ceremonies like the “finsittning”, halloween sitting and so on. 
  • Mastery of spex: People that likes to be on stage and want to be a part of different kinds of spex. First up is rookie and buddiespex to Finsittningen

How do I apply?
If you are interested the application will open on Wednesday 19/9.
The application will close on close 12/10.

To apply for the available positions, please send an email to
Write “Sport/event/ceremonies/spex mästerist + your name” as the subject.

In your application please write:

  • Name
  • Class
  • Age
  • Email and phone number
  • A short presentation about yourself and what you can bring to the mastery

If you have any questions please contact: