Theme for Insparken 2018!

THE TIME HAS COME…It is FINALLY time to apply to become a fadder for INSPARKEN 2018!

Insparken has been a tradition within HHUS where generals, faddrar and rookies work together to create the most memorable Inspark ever! We have had those who have gone down in history, the ones who was as wonderful as a fairy tale and the ones who as been childishly fun. But this year, it is time to join the dark side. Everyone loves the good guy whether is comes to movies, fairy tales or tv-shows but no one is as memorable as the bad guy. This is your chance to be the most memorable villain at HHUS inspark whether is is Voldemort, The Godfather or a gang of Disney villains. We now present this years theme: VILLAINS!

It is now time to join the dark side for THE MOST WANTED INSPARK EVER!

Your faddergroup should include 8-12 people that is somewhat evenly distributed in gender. To register a faddergroup send an email to, the mail should include:

  • Class
  • Names and social security number of every member of the group
  • Three alternatives for the groups theme
  • Who will be Superfadder and contact information to everyone in the group

Först till kvarn to register gets their first choice, so let creativity flow! The theme must be approved by the generals and if your group does not have any ideas, feel free to contact us Generals for inspiration! The registration is open for two weeks!

May 14th we will have our first fadder lecture in Hörsal G in Humanisthuset. At the lecture we will present some information about what everyone could expect from this years inspark. For further questions feel free to talk to one of us generals or send an email to

Head on over to HHUS Facebook page for the fantastic theme release video that our Generals has put together!