Theme release for Insparken 2018!

Are you as excited for Insparken 2018 as we are? Then this is the event you would want to attend!

This year the generals are giving everyone a special treat in order to get everyone extra excited for Insparken 2018. The 12th of April there will be a theme release for everyone who are interested of being a fadder. There will be a short introduction about the application to become a fadder as well as the amazing theme release at the end. Application for faddergrupper opens the 13th of April, which would give your faddergroup the advantage of knowing the theme one day in advance of everyone else! So if you would like to know the theme and start planning your fabulous costumes in time, come on over to Hörsal B for an amazing theme release!

When: 12th of april at 12.15
Where: Hörsal B

Make sure to be there on time since seats are limited! If you do not get a seat, you will have to wait for the application to open to find out the theme for Insparken 2018!