USBE Alumni Scholarship Foundation 2015

You now have the opportunity to nominate a student/students from the Umeå’s School of Business and Economic for USBE Alumni Scholarship Foundation!

To nominate: Leave your suggestion of a person that you think should win with a brief explanation why you think this person should receive the scholarship of 10 000 SEK.

The proposals must be received before Friday afternoon 8/5-15 to: The scholarship is awarded in conjunction with the diploma in June.

Below is a short information about the scholarship and what the foundation says about who may be proposed as a scholar.

USBE Alumni Scholarship Foundation is accepting proposals for appropriate scholarship holders. To be an appropriate candidate the person should have “Worked to encourage quality and development at Umeå School of Business and Economics and/or ”Worked to encourage students’ at USBE education and development”.

USBE Alumni Scholarship Foundation has during the recent years awarded student/students that has excelled and contributed to USBE´s education. This year, USBE in conjunction with Swedbank, will award one student/students with a scholarship worth 10 000 SEK.

The previous years the awarded students has been:

– Joacim Lindgren (2014) to his deep encouragement for HHUS, USBE and his fellow students.

– Kaya van Enckevort (2013) to hers deep encouragement as student representative and for her contribution to the master program of Umeå School of Business and Economides.

– Ludwig Sikström (2012) to his deep encouragement that has been benefiting for every economic student.

– Fanny Brodin (2011) to her encouragement in HHUS, SIFE and Young Supply Chain Professionals.

– Jonas Broman (2010) to his work with HHUS’s breakfast club

Skribent: Sara Fredriksson