The voting process for the HHUS Board of 2016 has opened and all members have been sent an email with instructions on how to vote.
The voting closes on Friday 13/11 – 15.00. Followed by “Valvaka-EPP” at E-Puben where the winners will be annonuced!

Check out the dates for questioning

Link for voting – Not received your code? Email or come by Lindell all week 10.15-13.15.


Umeå Studentkår has sent out an email with instructions, a personal code and a voting sheet where you can vote for any of the candidates or blank your vote.
It is also possible to nominate any other HHUS-member as a candidate.
You can go back and change your vote until it closes on

The email has been sent  to the email you have registered at Umeå Studentkår when signing your membership, make sure to check out both your personal email and your student mail on CAMBRO.
If you have not received this email it may have fallen into the junkbox or not made it through your spam-filter. We apologize for this inconvenience, however since Umeå Studentkår are in charge of the voting system there is little we are able to do about it.

The election committee will be standing in Lindell between 10-13 the whole week (except during the questioning) too answer your questions regarding the process, if you have not received  your code you can also come by with your student ID & ID to get your personal code.
If you are studying abroad; send an email with a picture of your ID &  student ID to