WANTED: Race chief

The Unbreakable project group is now recruiting a Race Chief for the race that takes room 12th of May. It’s a non profit assignment but it’s a really awarding project where you get a lot of experience and also FUN!

Unbreakable is an obstacle course where you run a distance of 4-5 km with different obstacles along the way that you have to get past! It’s a new project that HHUS started two years ago but last year it was arranged with people from all over the campus! No previous experience is needed. Don’t be shy, apply!

Race chief: Your role as the Race Chief revolves around making sure all separate parts come together to form an awesome obstacle race and a great experience for participants, volunteers, audience and sponsors. You will work closely with the obstacle designers to create the best possible race track.
The following tasks are some which be expected in the role of Race Chief:

-Brainstorming on how to to the maximize fun, value and safety of the race.
-Collaborating on layout of the race track, the location of obstacles, audience and partners.
-Coordinating race day volunteers and safety personnel.
-Coordinate the preparation and subsequent building of obstacles with Track Designers.
-Book and oversee timekeeping system.

Write “Unbreakable 2018” in the mail subject line and send you application too rekrytering@hhus.se before the 22nd of Mars.
If you have any questions about the project or recruitment please contact project@hhus.se.