WANTED: an Unbreakable Project Group!

Are you Unbreakable!?
HHUS is now recruiting the project group for the third edition of Unbreakable. It’s a non profit assignment but it’s a really awarding project where you get a lot of experience and also FUN! We want a diverse group that can represent almost all of the faculties at campus!

Read more below and why not apply now?!

Unbreakable is an obstacle course where you run a distance of 4-5 km with different obstacles along the way that you have to get past! It’s a new project that HHUS started two years ago but last year it was arranged with people from all over the campus! There are four different roles to apply for, read more about them below. No previous experience is needed. Don’t be shy, apply!

Vice project leader: You will be the project leader’s right hand and together you will make sure that the project is working towards the common goal of Unbreakable 2018. The work involves a lot of support for the project group and partially help them out with day to day work, making sure the marketing is done in a proper way and that we get sponsors for the event. You will also make sure that the whole campus get to know of Unbreakable to make it even bigger and better than last year. Which faculty is going to be the best in Unbreakable 2018!? Make sure that every faculty gets the chance to be a part of the race and apply today! No previous experience is needed.

Company coordinator: Your work will contain a lot of contacts with the different companies that has an interest in Unbreakable. Make sure that we can get new and different kinds of companies that attracts to all of the students on campus. It can take a lot of effort to reach the companies that’s why being comfortable in talking over the phone or skype is going to be the main task since this is the way to reach the companies and start an agreement with them. If you think that your social skills and structure in the work are good or maybe you want to evolve at this, make sure to apply for the post! We need to make sure that the companies get a professional experience with Unbreakable 2018, apply and help us with that! No previous experience is needed.

Sponsor coordinator: The race is going to need sponsors of all sorts, not just interesting companies. How about an energy drink before the race or sponsor for the different obstacles? This role is all about getting the participants to get value for their ticket and to make sure that everybody would want to participate in the race! You will also work with the company coordinator to make sure that we can get as much value as possible for the participants. Don’t miss out on a chance to be part of the project group, apply today!

Communicator/marketer: Of course we need the best marketing available to make this race great! Do you have a thing for marketing and communicate through different social medias? Then this is perfect for you! It will take some creativity and ambitions to make the marketing material great, make sure that people all around the campus knows what unbreakable is, and the most important thing: make sure people are hyped to the max for Unbreakable 2018!

Race chief: Your role as the Race Chief revolves around making sure all separate parts come together to form an awesome obstacle race and a great experience for participants, volunteers, audience and sponsors. You will work closely with the obstacle designers to create the best possible race track.

The following tasks are some which be expected in the role of Race Chief:

  • Brainstorming on how to to the maximize fun, value and safety of the race.
  • Collaborating on layout of the race track, the location of obstacles, audience and partners.
  • Coordinating race day volunteers and safety personnel.
  • Coordinate the preparation and subsequent building of obstacles with Track Designers.
  • Book and oversee timekeeping system.

Obstacle designer: Your role as a Obstacle Designer involves dreaming up, designing and producing obstacles for the Unbreakable obstacle course race. This is done while keeping in mind fun, difficulty, safety and partner marketability of the obstacles. You will be working closely with the Race Chief to put the obstacles together into the best possible race track.

The following tasks are some which be expected in the role of Track Designer:

  • Brainstorming on crazy obstacles and ways to maximize the fun of the race.
  • Working with company coordinators to secure material for obstacles.
  • Design and present obstacles for the race.
  • Coordinate the preparation and subsequent building of obstacles with the Race Chief.
  • Work with potential external professionals on safety and construction of obstacles.

Social Organizer: Your role as a Social Organizer is all about creating and organizing events around the core race-day to promote the event among the students! The focus of this position is to organize the afterparty at raceday. Besides that the social events are also thought of as partner events with some of our partner-companies who might sponsor the events. Therefore a close cooperation with the rest of the team is mandatory, most of all the sponsor/company responsible and communicators.

We have already thought of some events, like an afterparty on raceday, EPPs and other events. But we also want you to be creative and think of other possibilities to promote Unbreakable and make it more public.

We need your biggest enthusiasm about the event and creativity to make this happen. As each of the roles it will be also required to cooperate and help out other teams. You will also have free space to work out your own creative ideas.

The following tasks are some of which will be expected in the role of Social Organizer:

  • focus on organizing the afterparty
  • organize other events around the race (e.g EPP)
  • cooperate with other teams like Company responsible and Communicators
  • think creatively of other possible ideas for events to promote Unbreakable

Project: until May. Your application should contain:

  • Your name, program, class and contact information.
  • A short presentation about yourself.
  • What you want to learn and/or contribute with in the project.
  • Which of the role/roles you are applying for.

Write “Unbreakable 2018” in the mail subject line and send you application too rekrytering@hhus.se before the 30th of January

If you have any questions about the project or recruitment please contact unbreakable@hhus.se.