Winners of HHUS Awards

The HHUS Award is now completed!!!

We now have two winners that have put an extraordinary amount of work into our beloved association! The winners have been chosen by the Head of the Umeå Student Union and by the principal at USBE, Sofia Lundberg. HHUS wants to send some love to the winners, for everything they’ve done for the association. The winners have been awarded 3000 kr each and an award certificate.

The two winners are Amanda Karlberg and Caroline Bengtsson. The motivations are as follows.

Amanda Karlberg:

Amanda has stood out by applying a very good leadership in a challenging environment. Her leadership has been paved by an incredible willingness to do good for the pub, regardless of the situation. Her colleagues in the committee emphasize her ability to give credit but also stresses her capacity to provide crisp and constructive feedback when needed. This has led to a motivated committee, and a better pub for all of the economists’ students at Umeå University.

Caroline Bengtsson:

As the head of the social committee, Caroline has improved our association by making the committee more welcoming to international students. She has achieved this by making more of our sittings in English . Moreover, she has helped improve our members time at the university through preparing HHUS first spring ball. By thoroughly evaluating this year’s representations all over Sweden, she has built the foundation to create an eminent one.

Good luck in the future, and thank you both for your extraordinary time in our beloved association!