Recruitment Manager

HHUS is a large organization, which constantly requires fresh members to drive the organization forward. As Recruitment Manager your job is to stimulate interest in as well as an active, recruitment into HHUS.

One of the most lucrative periods of recruitment is during the Kick-Off (Swedish: insparken) at the start of each term. The Recruitment Manager is in charge of arranging Kick-Off weeks together with the kick-off Week Committee. The Recruitment Manager is also in charge of HHUS elections, as in that they strictly follow the statues and regulations.

As Recruitment Manager you will also continuously recruit members who are interested in joining, as well as helping them find which section of HHUS they would fit best in.

Kick-off Week
The Recruitment Manager is chiefly in charge of the largest recruitment opportunity in HHUS: the Kick-Off Week. Every year around 300 new students arrive at Umeå School of Business and Economics and the Kick-Off Week is what introduces them to both HHUS as well as campus life. This is a fun and crazy kick-off that the Recruitment Manager will be in charge of organizing, planning, budgeting and eventually carrying through.

In March of every year the elections are held to choose the new Board that will lead HHUS during the next term. Just like the kick-off, the election is a project that needs organizing. As Recruitment Manager you would be in charge of organizing the voting process, election night and candidates.

Committee Affiliation
The Recruitment Manager belongs to the marketing committee where they will work together with the other members.

Recruitment Manager is a management position and is appointed by the HHUS board, preceded by an application and interview. The Recruitment Manager is in charge of finding new recruits for the different chapters of HHUS, as well as making sure each post is filled. The Recruitment Manager is also responsible for the Kick-Off Week and election.