Program Monitor HLP

What do we do?
As monitors, we are in close contact with the student representatives in order to relay the information from the classes to Umeå School of Business and Economics ”USBE”. Initially each program monitor is responsible for appointing two student representatives from each class.

Together we aim to improve the education and make sure that problems are solved as quick as possible. While each monitor position has unique challenges, we all work together as a team in order to ensure that we can achieve the above goals: making sure that your education is as good as it can be!

Why being a monitor is a valuable experience
As a monitor, you receive some unique benefits that come with the position within HHUS. Not only does it provide a with a unique insight in how USBE functions as an organization. You also have the opporunity to work with people from different discilplines and committees, improving your interpersonal contact, relations, and team working skills.

The life of a monitor
We hold several different meetings, the most important one is the committee meeting. During this meeting, we all discuss what has happened up to that point, and what our course of action should be if there are any problems. Follow-up action could include talking to the teachers, talking to program coordinators or even the dean of USBE. All this is done in order to ensure that the problem is solved correctly and quickly. You then summarize the action that has happened for the next meeting, so the whole committee can see if the problem is solved and if there area ny points of improvement. Within the comittee you will also be a part of our ongoing campaign ”shout it out”, where you answer to questions and feedback coming from students from the program of which you are a monitor.

Moreover you will be assigned an own area of responsibility which will diversify your committment. (One of the following: Ekbladet and providing information to the HHUS newsletter, Responsible for sponsorship, Marketing (text and photo).