Evening Manager – Booking

Particular responsibility: Booking

E-pub is operated by the HHUS with the purpose of functioning as a meeting point for social encounters. Since the E-pub has several non-profit workers –  students – someone has to be responsible for operations as well as coordinating the work. This is executed by that the president and vice president of the pub committee lead the operations of the E-pub with the help of the people responsible during nights, so called “Evening Managers”.

The evening managers have the operative responsibility under assigned opening hours. Along with following alcohol serving regulations, the evening manager is responsible for the liquor license as well and should ensure E-pub is following serving regulations.


  • The evening manager has the overall responsibility to uphold and maintain the cohesion in his or her team.
  • He or she has the responsibility ensure that all members of the team have knowledge about management of alcohol, serving of food, rules concerning access and other required themes.
  • The evening manager should always be a good role model.
  • The evening manager is presumed to always be assisted by his or her team in order to carry out the tasks.

The evening manager that is responsible for bookings has the aim of filling all the regular serving arrangements and is responsible to sell propositionsto different parties of interest. All other persons responsible shall be informed five days in advance about a booked event. Other people responsible refer to the head of marketing as well as IT-PR people responsible for marketing, the evening manager that is responsible for staffing, chef as well as the person responsible for the menu, the person responsible for music and, the person responsible for the economy, debiting among others.  All arrangements shall, as early as possible, be accounted for in an official calendar.

Particular responsibility concerning cleaning area: The corridor and the corridor leading up to the staff restroom.

Committee Affiliation
The evening managers is a part of the HHUS Pub Committee. The natural link to the board of the organization is through the president of the Pub Committee.

The evening manager with responsibility over bookings is a management position and is appointed by the HHUS board, preceded by an application and interview.