Head of the Social committee

HHUS has many traditions and social events, both educational and non-educational. A strong student culture creates a strong feeling of belonging, which the association strives for. The Social Committee handles current traditions and encourages new activities that strengthen the bonds we gain at Umeå University.

To lead and have overall responsibility over the Social Committee

The President of the Social Committee is responsible for:

  • Care for the association’s culture and returning traditions.
  • Planning and coordinating “Aktiva”-parties for HHUS active members and the traditional ”Upplärningsgasque”, along with the remaining committee members.
  • Make sure that there are good relations and social networking among all members.
  • Encourage more cooperation between the different committees, especially when it comes to social activities.
  • Help, via social activities, with connecting students and businesses
  • Represent the association and its values – both inside the university and outside in business circles and with our partners
  • Help increase the interaction between HHUS members and members from other associations

Committee Affiliation
The President is in the HHUS Social Committee together with the Vice President, the Master of Clubs, the Master of Sports, and the Event Coordinator. The President is also on the board for HHUS.

The President of the Social Committee is chosen by the members in direct elections as per the by-laws.