Master of Clubs

HHUS strives to enrich student life via tradition, various dinners and social events. This is by tradition referred to as ”Sittning” and ”Gasque”. With the specific guidance of the Master of Club to implement these events. The aim is to create a rich and strong student culture and camaraderie within HHUS.

The role is important to create social events that enrich student life for HHUS members and promote camaraderie between students regardless of semester and focus.


  • Coordinating and planning HHUS traditional formal dinner parties or social dinners, such as “Finsittningen”, ”Återsparken”, ”Ladies&Gents” and the “Luciasittningen”.
  • Assembling project groups.
  • Coordinating and planning events and projects.
  • Coordinating and managing ”Klubbmästeriet”, a group dedicated to help planning and executing the events.
  • Reporting and managing finances for projects led by the social chair and subsequent project group.

Committee Affiliation
The Master of Clubs is a member of the social committee.

The Master of Clubs is the leader of ”Klubbmästeriet” and is responsible for their progress and events. ”Klubbmästeriet” consists of three members, with the Master of Club included. These are recommended by the Master of Clubs through application and interview, later to be approved and appointed by the President of the Social Committee.

The Master of Clubs is a management position and is appointed by the HHUS board, preceded by an application and interview.