Master of Sports

The Masters of Sports acts in the spirit of the associational culture in order to increase companionship and networking by the use of social activities. In order to promote the association’s culture, the Master of Sports has the role of trying to hold on to old (alongside with developing new) traditions in connection to sports. Also to promote a healthy lifestyle among the members of HHUS.

To activate students outside of their studies and promote social networking through sports.


  • Responsible for coordinating and planning of activities in sports for the members of the HHUS, e.g. the trip to Åre, HHUS Get Game, as well as different tournaments and competitions.
  • Responsible for managing the various sports teams (Korpen) of HHUS. In soccer and floorball.
  • Responsible for managing of the economy and accounting for the projects initiated by the sport team.
  • Coordinating and managing ”Sportmästeriet”, a group dedicated to help planning and executing the events. One person for the managing of HHUS
  • Get Game and another for managing the HHUS sports teams.

Committee Affiliation
The Master of Sports is a member of the Social Committee.

The Master of Sports is the leader of ”Sportmästeriet” and is responsible for their progress and events. ”Sportmästeriet” consists of three members, with the Master of Sports included. These are recommended by the Master of Sports through application and interview, later to be approved and appointed by the Chair of the Social Committee.

Head of sports is a management position and is appointed by the HHUS board, preceded by an application and interview.