Head of Economy and Economics committee

The economy of the HHUS has always been subject to discussion. With a growing and a comprehensive management of vouchers and/or supporting documents, a person responsible for the economy has always been necessary.

The president of the economy committee shall function as a support and an advisor to the other committees in their work and planning regarding economic questions. Moreover, he or she is to function as the controller of the association, in order to provide a better overall picture of the association’s economy.

The president of the economy committee has the overall economic responsibility for the association and section as well as being accountable for:

  • Keeping the economy of the association in order.
  • Providing a rightful managerial (internal) accounting.
  • Upholding the budget and budget follow-up are made by each committee.
  • Bookkeeping and invoicing are functioning properly.
  • Making annual financial statements.

Committee Affiliation
Part of the HHUS Economy committee together with the junior controller for the e-pub, junior controller budget and the vice president. Is part of the HHUS board.

The president of the economy committee is chosen by the members in direct elections as per the by-laws.