HHUS Manners

When attending a ”Gasque” or “Sittning” arranged by HHUS there are some traditions, rules and regulations we honor and follow. To make this easier for all HHUS members we have created a simple step-by-step guide. Everything to enable a pleasant and enjoyable evening.


  • Dress according to the given dress code -at least during the early hours of the evening.
  • Pre-parties are only a fire-up for the evening. Arrive on steady feet to the ”Sittning”.
  • Bring your Songbook

When seated

  • Greet your closest neighbors with a firm handshake, nobody enjoys loose limbs.
  • The man shall be seated to left of his table lady and they should greet each other with great honor and respect. Pulling out the chair for the lady is considered courteous.

For the best atmosphere at the table

  • It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to keep the good mood for oneself. Sharing is caring.
  • It is mandatory to engage conversation with the neighbors at the table.
  • It is always encouraged to enjoy a toast with your neighbors at the table.
  • Please, try to not; yamn, burp or regurgitate at the table. It is considered highly inappropriate.
  • Manage in a sophisticated manner your table manners to avoid the risk of making your neighbors at the table to lose their appetite.
  • Try to get to know you neighbor at the table, this person might just be the one you wake up next to in the morning.
  • If you have plans of bringing your neighboring lady or sir to the lavatory – be discreet.

Overall encouraged manners for the evening

  • Always encourage singing songs around the table, preferably together! Guest who have not been blessed with singing capabilities from birth also have a responsibility to participate by their best efforts.
  • When speeches and performances take place, silence is MANDATORY.
  • Act in a clean and respectable manner.
  • Please remain seated at your table through the evening until the dinner is over. Unless requested to do different.

After the dinner

  • Please, do not bring any of the table decorations home with you.
  • Make sure that your vision has not been altered significantly and foggy. If the room should start to spin, remain calm and keep still. If the ceiling and floor should change places, quickly establish contact with the walls